Biodiversity is very important to cultural diversity for many different reasons. Biodiversity contains raw materials that we use to make goods, like shoes, paper, and clothes. These are essential items in our everyday life. Humans also make products using human made chemicals, and these chemicals hurt biodiversity. These toxins are creating pollution that can change many important habitats. If Humans cause too much harm, we will not have as many natural resources to utilize. This will definitely affect cultural diversity because fashion plays a big role. I do not think that the government should be actively involved in the preservation of cultural diversity. I think that there are many important things that the government is already focused on so they should stay focused on those things instead.

The government should help with the preservation of biodiversity but not cultural diversity. The government should help with biodiversity because animals, plants, and habitats are not able to help themselves. Laws need to be enforced to help them.  I think that there are already many organizations that are working on cultural diversity, these people can speak out for themselves and make a difference. It is not important for government to help with cultural diversity because they have bigger issues like, civil rights and so much more.

Now it is possible that my opinion could be wrong, many people may oppose this position. Some People may be more concerned with cultural diversity than with biodiversity. But my opinion will stay the same, because people can defend themselves but wildlife cannot. Cultural diversity can stay alive by cultures practicing their traditions. If there are not certain natural resources on earth than it may be very difficult for these cultures to keep their traditions alive.  Animals, plants, and habitats need extra help, so I think biodiversity is a higher priority right now. The preservation of biodiversity will in turn help preserve cultural diversity.


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    February 2013